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Overview of City

Located in the heart of the South, and the home of a Civil Rights Museum, the Martin Luther King Jr. Center, and the Carter Center, Atlanta is often seen as the headquarters for civil rights and social justice.  Atlanta is a city fueled by many cultures and is a significant immigration center. Participants are greeted with southern hospitality while serving people who may be mentally disabled and/or struggling with homelessness, or helping recent immigrants transition into a home.  These experiences help DOOR Atlanta participants  break down some of the stereotypes that people often have of those in the city and see the face of God in those with whom they interact.  Read about our commitment to local communities on our blog, here.

DOOR Network Volunteer Atlanta Kids School


Discover is DOOR's short term mission trip/service-learning program that includes time for service, learning, and reflection. Read more about the Discover program.

A DOOR Atlanta Discover experience centers on the theme of Bread for the Journey and answers the question of "who is our neighbor?" by using the Bible and writings of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Participants engage this theme and focus question through service work and community interactions. All participants go to The King Center to learn more about social justice and the changes the city of Atlanta has experienced because of the Civil Rights Movement.

Service Opportunities

DOOR Atlanta partners with 32 agencies across the city. Participant service experiences may include:

  • a local soup kitchen

  • packing and sending medical supplies to third world countries

  • working on a local urban farm

DOOR Network Volunteer Atlanta Small Group


DOOR's Discern program provides summer staff and local yearlong engagement opportunities for young adults. Read more about the Discern program.

DOOR Atlanta's Discern program features:

  • Leadership development through work with hosting Discover groups

  • Vocational discernment through service, learning, and reflection

  • Opportunity to work with agencies focused on serving people who are struggling with homelessness, people who are mentally disabled, and the elderly

  • Build community with fellow Discern team members

As a DOOR Atlanta Discern participant, you will receive:

  • Housing at the same church facility where Discover groups stay

  • Meals during the Discover program week

  • Public transportation pass

  • End of summer retreat for fun and reflection

  • Stipend

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